Das Haubis Kraftweckerl zum Aufleben mit saisonalen und regionalen Zutaten.

Bakery with family tradition

Haubis – Bakery with family tradition

When a baker's family knows how to combine handicraft with the highest quality requirements, then only something special can result from it. The Haubis GmbH!

Take a traditionally minded bakery, supplement it by the fine pastry offer of a confectionery and add a good deal of farsightedness and creative enthusiasm. You will then have found the recipe for success which has been followed in Petzenkirchen, Austria since 1902.

Enjoyment over generations

At Haubis, each dough has time to rise well and develop its full taste potential. According to the same natural and healthy rhythm, our company was also allowed to grow. Today, we are proud to be a family business in a world of multinational groups.

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Enjoy our Haubis products in our cafés and bakeries or at your home.

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There are several reasons why not many bakers venture into the business of producing gluten-free specialities. Having to set up an absolutely contamination-free baking environment, for example. Learn more about gluten-free and lactose-free products.

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We do not need much to make a great load of bread: just first class ingredients, an ingenious recipe, careful preparation of the dough and, sometimes, a little patience.
It is not the number of ingredients, but their quality that produces great taste.

Haubis bread and pastries

Really good pastries have one thing in common: better too much than too little!
Austria has always been a melting pot of cultural traditions. Especially when it comes to pastries. Taste our danish pastries, croissants or creamy slices!

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Bread dough takes its time to mature and to develop its taste potential – and it gets its time in the Haubis bakery, too. Following the same, natural and healthy rhythm, our company has grown as well. Today, we are proud to continue operating as a family business in a world of multinational companies.

In der Haubis Backstube und Café in Hagenberg genießen Sie täglich frisches Brot und Gebäck.

Haubis baker's shop and Café

The place where freshly baked goods are available all day long is the perfect place to have breakfast. Discover our Haubis baker's shop and Café and visit us!

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Haubis stands for baking tradition since 1902 – Generations for enjoyment. Family Haubenberger the owners stand by their quality promise.

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A tour of the Haubiversum World of Bread is an unforgettable behind-the-scenes experience! Put on your apron and step through the open doors of our bakery!

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