Brotbacken in der Haubis Bäckerei und Backstube

Product Manufacture

Oven-fresh around the clock

In the past, bakers were night workers. Today, Haubis is working for you day and night - in shifts of course. That, however, is not the only reason why our bread & pastry is always fresh and crispy. 

Bread & pastry that comes from the cold! This is how the sophisticated Haubis dough piece technology can be summarized in a few words. It combines bakery tradition and innovation. For oven-fresh pastry - around the clock.

Guaranteed top quality

Bread and pastry specialities by Haubis must be "ready to travel". After all, people throughout Austria want to enjoy them. Therefore, our bread & pastry is not always supplied readily baked but individually in four different "baking stages". For our enjoyment bakeries as well as for our partners in the food retailing sector or in gastronomy.

Best Quality

Haubis makes bread and bread roll specialties in three different “baking levels” – for the best quality with a minimum of effort.

FD – Frozen Dough

Deep-frozen, pre-proved dough pieces are "living" dough, which is only pre-baked at Haubis and then immediately shock-frosted. FD-goods are baked on the spot from A to Z. Up until being baked in the oven, they can be re-shaped or refined with additional toppings or grains and seeds sprinkled on. For a master baker performance without a master craftsman diploma!

FP – Frozen Partly Baked Product

At Haubis, selected types of bread and pastry are only baked to 2/3 and after that shock-frosted at -28 °C. That is the best method for letting them develop their full aroma. After storage and delivery at -18 °C, Haubis FP-specialities are simply put in the oven for no longer than approx. 10 minutes to finish baking.

TS – Thaw and Serve

TS stands for "deep-frozen". You only have to defrost these delicacies before enjoying them. This is especially true for our pastries and cakes.