Haubis Produkte wie ofenfrisches Brot und Gebäck

Raw Materials

Only the very best

For us as a gourmet bakery, it goes without saying that we work with best ingredients only – also, if this sometimes involves considerable additional expenses. We examine each of our suppliers very carefully. In the same unrestricted way in which you can look over our shoulders.

Our Purity Law

Strictly regulated purity laws have been applied to beer for hundreds of years. At Haubis, the declared belief in "bread without tricks and double flooring" has been tradition for decades - with handshake quality.

From Austria – for Austria

With all baking ingredients from flour to salt, Haubis fastidiously takes care of the origin and full transparency from the field to the bread basket. This way, our bread & pastry turns into a largely regional enjoyable experience. 
Almost 100 percent of our suppliers and producers come from Austria. Most of them even from the direct vicinity or from neighbouring federal states.

Organic? Of course, that goes without saying!

In a time where foodstuffs are not always what they seem to be, we consider it important to put true and authentic products on the table and first of all into your bread basket. 

When it comes to going back to the roots, Haubis likes to take part. After all, the organic philosophy is based on foodstuffs that score with their authenticity. With a high nutritional value and excellent taste, without the use of any gene technology or chemical-synthetic pesticides.

Sustainability leads to success!

In the course of the organic trend, old sorts of grain which had almost disappeared from the scene have also experienced a revival. Therefore our product developers are pleased to make a valuable contribution to healthy nutrition with ingredients such as wild einkorn wheat (triticum monucoccum) or wild rye (secale multicaule). Grains that today are grown again in our region to an increasing degree and which make a valuable contribution to healthy nutrition.


Certified quality

As an internationally-active company, we have, of course, had our high levels of hygiene certified. Haubis has not only received International Food Standard certification, it is also the proud holder of the AMA Organic Seal, the SGS Austria Approved as Organic Seal, as well as organic certification from the European Union.

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