Haubis Produkte wie ofenfrisches Brot und Gebäck


Bakery with family tradition

When a baker's family knows how to combine handicraft with the highest quality requirements, then only something special can result from it. The Haubis GmbH!

Take a traditionally minded bakery, supplement it by the fine pastry offer of a confectionery and add a good deal of farsightedness and creative enthusiasm. You will then have found the recipe for success which has been followed in Petzenkirchen, Austria since 1902.

Enjoyment over generations

At Haubis, each dough has time to rise well and develop its full taste potential. According to the same natural and healthy rhythm, our company was also allowed to grow. Today, we are proud to be a family business in a world of multinational groups.

Haubis products

Company History

Our bakery through the decades

As with every family company, the company history merges with the life story of the main actors and with the love for their handicraft.


Already the sixth generation Anton Haubenberger is growing up. The family business is currently managed by Ing. Anton Haubenberger V.


Anton Haubenberger I – took over a square courtyard

Anton Haubenberger II – obtained the official baker's trading license for a bakery, a flour chamber and a sales room

Anton Walter Haubenberger III – transfered the company into a LLC

Anton Haubenberger IV – developed the pre-proved deep-frozen dough pieces

Ing. Anton Haubenberger V – took over the management in 2018

Anton Haubenberger VI – currently attending school

1902 Anton Haubenberger I und Frau Katharina Haubenberger.

The foundations have been laid

On the 15th of March 1902, Anton and Katharina Haubenberger took over a square courtyard in the Wiener Straße 45 - and with it the Maria Theresian Concession for the catering and bakery industry. The foundation stone for Haubi's success story had been laid.

1930 Gewerbebehördliche Bäckerkonzession

Official baker's trading license

The two "Haubi's" have now also obtained the official baker's trading license for a bakery, a flour chamber and a sales room. The nickname of the family is well on its way to become a brand name.

1935 Das Haubis Stammwerk war damals Wirtshaus, Bäckerei und Landwirtschaft.

Restaurant, bakery & farming

This post card scene shows the Haubi's "business empire" in its beginnings: in the constellation of restaurant, bakery and farm.

1943 Die späteren Firmenchefs Johann und Anton Walter Haubenberger mit Mutter Anna Haubenberger im Kindesalter.

Family photo

The future company directors, Johann and Anton Walter Haubenberger with their mother, Anna Haubenberger during their childhood. 

1957 Johann Haubenberger fährt ins Gai und liefert ofenfrisches Brot und Gebäck an die Nachbargemeinden.

Driving into the "Gai" - the countryside

Crispy quality needs to be delivered quickly. In the late fifties, the "Gai" (country side) was already equipped with a motorized vehicle. Of course by the boss himself!

1963 Anton Haubenberger II, Anton Haubenberger IV und Anton Haubenberger III

Three generations

Three generations of Anton Haubenbergers in front of the original bakery at Wienerstraße 54 in Petzenkirchen.

Herr Schulz, Herr Gundacker und Herr Zehetgruber vor dem ersten Lieferwagen Petzenkirchener Bauernbrot.

The farmhouse bread from Petzenkirchen

With the original farmhouse bread from Petzenkirchen, the Haubenbergers have also made a good name for themselves across the borders.

In the photograph from left to right are: Mr Schulz, Mr Gundacker and Mr Zehetgruber

1969 Hermine Zisch an der ersten Semmelanlage von Haubis

The first bread roll machine

The first supermarkets are conquering Austria and are searching for suppliers for bread & pastry. Haubi's sees the increasing demand and buys the first bread roll machine.

The photo includes: Hermine Zisch

Mit fünf Firmenfahrzeuge baut Haubis 1975 die hauseigene Logistik aus.

Haubis logistics

Deliveries to the "Gai" can no longer be managed by only one moped. Five company vehicles mark the beginning of the company's own logistics system.

1974 führen Johann, Anton III und dessen Frau Helene und deren Mutter Anna Haubenberger das Unternehmen in eine GesmbH über.

Haubis becomes a LLC

The initially small-sized family business continues to grow and prosper. The grandson of the company founder born in 1938 – also named Anton Haubenberger according to old family tradition – transfers the company into a LLC.

17. März 1983: Im Stammhaus in Petzenkirchen backt Haubis mit einer Länge von 25,90 Metern der größte Sandwich der Welt.

World record attempt

17 March 1983: The world's largest sandwich was made at the company's original bakery in Petzenkirchen. It was 25.90 metres long.

The photo includes, amongst others, Anton Haubenberger IV, Max Leonhardsberger and Josef Gallenbacher.

1987 wird der vorgegarte tiefgekühlte Teigling entwickelt

The idea of dough pieces was born.

A pioneering innovation opens new distribution channels for Haubi's, far beyond Lower Austria: the development of the pre-proved deep-frozen dough pieces!

1988 werden die ersten vorgegarten Teiglinge produziert und die Technologie weiterentwickelt.

The first dough pieces come off the production line.

The first dough pieces come off the production line in the specially adapted production hall of the headquarters. Parallel further development of the new technology is constantly continued.

1990 wird Haubis in den ersten Supermärkten gelistet und führen zu jährlichen Umsatzzuwächsen.

Fresh bread & pastries in the food trade

The first customers in the food trade experience bread and pastries, freshly baked in front of their eyes. The result: a comet-like success with annual increases in turnover in the double-digit percentage range.

1993 öffnet die erste Genussbackstube von Haubis.

The first enjoyment bakery

With the Haubi's Backstuben GesmbH, the first subsidiary was established. At the same time, the first company-owned baking shop was opened in Melk - today an enjoyment bakery.

1994 entstehen Fotos für die erste Imagebroschüre mit Anna Hainitz, Anton Haubenberger IV, Anton Walter Haubenberger III und Prok. Anton Tremer.

the first image brochure was produced.

At the end of 1994, the first professional photos were taken for use in the first image brochure. 
In the photograph from left to right are: Anna Hainitz, Anton Haubenberger IV, Anton Walter Haubenberger III and company officer Anton Tremer.

1995 wächst Haubis kontinuierlich und erweitert die hauseigene Logistik.

Haubis is growing...

Due to satisfied customers our fleet of vehicles is growing. Every day, 18 trucks deliver bread & pastry  from the gourmet baker from Petzenkirchen. Daily production already amounts to 150,000 dough pieces. Today, Haubi's produces around 1.2 mio. dough pieces per day.

Haubis erhält das Patent für die Herstellung der vorgegarten tiefgekühlten Kaisersemmel im Jahr 1996.

The patent for the Kaiser roll

In the year of 1996 Haubi's is granted the patent for the production of the pre-baked deep-frozen Kaiser roll.

1997 wird das Teiglingswerk erbaut und Haubis wird fit für den Export und beliefert Italien, Deutschland, Kroatien und Großbritannien.

Fit for export

Haubi's is fit for export. First partner: Italy. Also Germany, Croatia and Great Britain have acquired a taste. The newly erected production facility meets the increasing requirements with 24,000 dough pieces per hour.

Die ersten Haubis Pressefotos entstehen 1999 mit Anton IV und Dorothea Haubenberger, Anna Haubenberger, Johann Haubenberger, Helene und Anton Haubenberger III.

Family photo

The first press photos were taken of the family.
From left to right: Anton IV and Dorothea Haubenberger, Anna Haubenberger, Johann Haubenberger, Helene and Anton Haubenberger III.

Im Jahr 2000 wird das Teiglingswerk um Halle 2 erweitert, die als Lagerfläche für die Teiglinge und die benötigten Rohstoffe dient

The second hall is built.

Only two years after the last construction work carried out on the company's premises, Haubi's is once again bursting at the seams. A second hall is built which serves as storage area for dough pieces and raw materials required.

2001 wird die Haubis Halle 3 gebaut sowie eine Werkstatt.

Hall III and bread line III

Enjoyment has priority. For producing high-quality bread, bread line III with an hourly output of 2,500 pieces has been bought. Hall II has been built for the storage of raw materials. For securing proper maintenance work, shop I has been erected for production engineering.

In Kroatien entsteht die Tochterfirma "Haubi’s Cakovec" im Jahr 2002.

Haubis in Croatia

Haubi's has established its first subsidiary abroad. Haubi's Cakovec has become the strategic location in Croatia.

2004 wird Halle IV erbaut und Haubis erweitert.

Hall IV

Hall IV is built on the premises of the traditional bakery and the quality standard of a gourmet bakery has been extended with line V. The new line secures the production of 24,000 dough pieces per hour. The fleet of trucks has grown to 30 vehicles.

In Eppan, Süd Tirol wird die erste Haubis Filiale von Italien im Jahr 2006 eröffnet.

Haubis in Italy

The gourmet baker company has also become resident in Italy now. The company-own subsidiary Haubi's S.R.L. strengthens its market presence. Together with his future wife, Anton Haubenberger V manages the branch in Eppan, South Tyrol.

2007 wird die Elterninitiative der Kinderkrebshilfe mit 5 Cent pro verkauften SOL Sonnenigel unterstützt. Auf dem Foto: Ing. Anton Haubenberger V

SOL - the sun hedgehog

The social project "Sol - the sun hedgehog" was launched. 5 cents of each organic sun hedgehog sold are donated to the children's cancer charity. Until today about € 90,000.-- have been donated.

Haubiversum - The realm of culinary delights

Authentic baker's handcraft and unlimited enjoyment can now be experienced with all the senses: with the Haubiversum, Anton Haubenberger IV has opened a real crowd puller in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel region.

In addition, Haubi's has broadened its competence as regards pizza and savoury snacks and has acquired a majority shareholding in the Presto Tiefkühl HandelsgmbH.

The first floor of hall IV in Petzenkirchen is full with line X equipment and the fleet of 90 trucks is serviced in the new workshop.

The company is developing in the direction of organic products; the whole company exclusively uses organic flour dust.

Haubis export shares are increasing.

The export shares have meanwhile risen to 20 % in total. Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Great Britain, Hungary, Saudi-Arabia, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands and Russia all place their trust in the gourmet baker from Petzenkirchen.

A gathering of artisan bakers, back row from left to right: Junior Chef Anton V, Haubi’s Chef Anton IV with his second and third-born sons, Richard and Peter. Front row from left to right: Kathrin (the wife of Anton V) with daughter Amelie, Dorothea (the wife of Anton IV) and husband and wife Helene and Anton Walter III Haubenberger. Anton Maximilian VI was born in March 2011.

Anton Walter Haubenberger III, Anton Haubenberger IV und Ing. Anton Haubenberger V im Jahr 2010 in der Backstube.

Generations dedicated to enjoyment

The three company directors in the bakery. Since 2010, Haubis has also been the bread and pastry partner for the Austrian catering industry. With its "Gastronomy Collection", Haubis has captured the essence of local cuisine.

2011 wird in Poggersdorf das Haubis Logistikzentrum mit Backstation eröffnet sowie Filialen in Linz eröffnet.

Haubi's in Upper Austria & Carinthia

The newly founded Haubi's Genussbäckerei GesmbH has taken over the traditional bakery and pastry shop Goldmann in Linz. Nine branches and one ex-factory sales shop are now also providing for enjoyment experiences of a special kind in Linz.

For supplying Greater Klagenfurt, a modern logistics centre with a baking station has been opened in Poggersdorf. In 2011, the production site of the bakery Neubacher in Wieselburg was also taken over and integrated into the Anton Haubenberger GesmbH.

4 Generationen Haubenberger. v.l.n.r.: Anton V, Anton IV, Anton VI & Anton Walter Haubenberger III im Jahr 2013

Four generations

Four generations of Haubenbergers. From left to right: Anton V, Anton IV, Anton VI & Anton Walter Haubenberger III

Haubis überarbeitet sein Logo und präsentiert dieses 2014.

New Haubis Logo