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Enjoyment culture as varied as a bakery

If there is one culinary sector in which we Austrians are one step ahead, then it is the enormously rich variety of bread, pastry, cakes and snacks. Sheer culinary delight! 

What could be nicer than being spoilt for choice with bread & pastry? Even more so if great importance is attached to the small, fine difference, as is the case at Haubis. Best ingredients and handicraft which really deserves it name - you can simply taste it!

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Breads & Baguettes

First class ingredients, an ingenious recipe, careful preparation of the dough and, sometimes and a little patience: Immerse yourself in our world of bread, where bread tastes the way it is supposed to – in an unbeatable abundance of varieties.

Organic Breads

For us, organic baking means opening new and absolutely pure dimensions of good taste. Sustainability – for us, this means bringing old types of grain back to center stage. Products like our organic einkorn bread enhance not only our range of tastes; they are a real piece of culture.

Bread Classics

For something to become a classic, it has to stand the test of time. We are thus proud of the following established products in our range. Some of these recipes have survived several generations. They are real classics of Austrian bread culture that stay fresh and moist for a long time.

Bread Specialities

When we create a new type of bread, it’s always with the intention of making the “classic of tomorrow.” In this way, Haubis is investing in the continued development of Austrian bread culture.


Extremely popular and suitable for any occasion: baguettes are an absolute must!

Organic, stone-baked and other specialities

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – that is the classic baguette. But we let our imagination run wild – and developed the classic white stick bread further. Here a nuance in the taste, there a country flavor and always a true pleasure.

Mini Rolles

Often it is the little, crispy details that turn a meal into a culinary delight. No table is completely set without delicious mini rolls!

Bread Rolls & Mini Rolls

There is nothing more inviting than a well-filled breadbasket – with a sumptuous variety of bread fresh from the oven. That might keep you on your toes if Haubis products didn’t make everything so much easier: from its unrivaled assortment of bread rolls, to the three-tiered baking options to let you serve just what you need – exactly when you need it.

Have you ever tasted our Petzini? It looks like a croissant, has the crispy texture of a roll, but has an unrivalled softness on the inside. Perfect for snacks, both savoury and sweet! Take a look at our Petzini leaflet for recipe ideas.

Pizzas & Snacks

For true dining pleasure, you need to give it your best – and use the right ingredients.

Pizzas and Snacks

Care to offer your customers savory, delicious snacks without spending hours in the kitchen? Something tangy and tasty – even for a business with a small menu? Then this is the perfect time for Haubis pizzas and snacks! We use only the finest ingredients – our passion for detail is inside every morsel – just like you would make them yourself!

Sweet Pastries

Make a fluffy puff pastry with lashings of delicious filling. That’s our secret behind these sweet dreams.

Danish & other Sweet Pastries

Really good pastries have one thing in common: better too much than too little! Serve our delicacies. And we help you stay flexible with our different baking levels – from the breakfast buffet to an afternoon snack.

Sweet Specialities

Austria has always been a melting pot of cultural traditions. Especially when it comes to pastries! Have you ever tasted our soft Brioche?

Creamy Slices

Whether for your coffee break or tea time, a fine selection of slices is the icing on the cake for pure culinary pleasure.

Handmade Cakes and Slices

It is pure enjoyment for Haubis confectioners to work with the very best ingredients and proven recipes. They know exactly what to do, and that’s why they always look picture perfect. And by the way, some of the recipes have survived generations almost unchanged. Others, such as the strawberry yogurt slice for example, are contemporary favorites derived from tradition. They are all delicious!

Delight your customers with the bakery

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